Searching the Internet

For the past week my days have consisted of searching the America’s Historical Newspapers database for anything Saint Domingue and Charleston, SC related.  It is a slow process, but at times rewarding.  I have found some interesting articles, a lot in French, and I have to say the f=s thing is tougher in French than English. 

One of the more interesting articles lists the Market Prices for a barrel of wine, flour, oil and the price of soap at Cape Francois in June of 1799.  I find it fascinating, it’s an economical indication of what is happening on the ground in the midst of it all. 

So when I find an article that is relevant I put it on a spreadsheet that I created.  I’ve included it in an altered form for the curious.  Keep in mind that the list is growing everyday.  newspaper.pdf 

I also found this:  This website has tons of maps from the 18th century.   There are three of Saint Domingue/Haiti.

Outside of sitting at my computer, I’m reading a book by Nathalie Dessens, From Saint-Domingue to New Orleans: Migration and Influences.  It is a parallel study of refugees who ended up in New Orleans. 


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