My Favorite Articles

I thought it would be fun to continue to share some of the more interesting articles that I’ve found along the way.   

 I think one of my favorite articles found so far is this list of Books for Sale

Anyone that knows me, knows that I drink a lot of coffee.  I’ll shamelessly admit that I probably spend more time at Kudu Coffee than anywhere else in this city!  Anyway, one of the ideas that I cannot shake when thinking about various avenues that this project could possibly take is the idea that Saint Dominguan refugees might have attempted to plant coffee in South Carolina.  I am eager to find anything that might suggest this happened or did not happen.  What gives me hope is this article that I found on growing Indigo, which I know they grew in South Carolina prior to the Haitian Revolution, but is proof that Saint Dominguan planters attempted to transplant their Caribbean crops and methods to their new homes.

 This advertisement posted by a French Gentleman, is exemplary evidence of the position of a lot of  Saint Dominguan refugees once they arrived in Charleston.   There was a demand for French language tutors and music teachers, and these French expatriates were well-positioned to fill these positions. 


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