Going to FRANCE!

From June 18 to July 5, I will be taking a hiatus from this project and work to travel to France with my parents.  The trip is half vacation and half work, we are going to make a documentary.  Yeah, I know, the idea of it still seems bizarre to me.  But if you know my father, then it is not so far-fetched.  His ancestors came from France and Lebanon, hence my Arab eyebrows and French surname.   It is the French side of our family that is the topic of the documentary. 

My father wants to interview our French relatives on immigration with a “what if” clause.  What if my great x 5 grandfather had not come to the United States?  Are there any Roueches living with similar traits, mannerisms, or likes/dislikes to me or my father?  

All the details can be found at RouecheDocumentary.com 



  1. Patricia said

    Wow! What a fantastic opportunity and project! I hope your GRE went well. I’m sure it did. A bit of free advice: stock up and take a product called “Airbourne” before, during and after your trip. It’s just extra vitamins to combat the gross airplane environment. You can find it at your local drug store. Also, invest in some plain saline nasal spray for the plane too. After I saw you at brunch, I came down with a sinus infection, bronchitis and pneumonia. I swear it was from the flight. So, keep your nasal passages moist and your immune system enhanced. There. Proselytizing over. Hopefully we’ll see you before you go. If not, have a great trip!

  2. agoodwill said

    WOW! Going to France that seems awesome!

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