American Star, or Historical, Political, Critical and Moral Journal, Philadelphia, PA

Baltimore Patriot, Baltimore, MD

Carolina Gazette, Charleston, SC

Centinel of Freedom, Newark, NJ

City Gazette and Daily Advertiser, Charleston, SC 1789-1804

Columbian Museum, Columbian Museum and Savannah Advertiser, Savannah, GA

Columbian Herald, The New Daily Advertiser, Charleston, SC

Echo du Sud, Charleston, SC

Gazette Francaise, New York NY

Gazette of the United States,

General Advertiser, Philadelphia, PA

L’Oracle, Charleston, SC

New-Jersey Journal, the New-York Journal, & Patriotic Register, Elizabethtown, NJ

South Carolina State Gazette and Timothy’s Daily Advertiser, Charleston, SC

South Carolina Gazette, South Carolina

State Gazette of South Carolina (Charleston,) 1789-1793.

Strength of the People,

The Pennsylvania Packet and Daily Advertiser, Philadelphia, PA

The Herald; A Gazette for the Country, New York, NY

Times, Charleston, SC 1800-1804.

Weekly Register, Norwich, CT


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